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Wild Basin Creative Research Center internships are open to students from any high school, college or university who have a love for the natural world and an interest in conserving and protecting the environment.

Our current openings.

Student Internship Opportunities at Wild Basin: Spring 2022
* Most opportunities require a time commitment of ~10 hours/week

Research-Based Internship Opportunities

Project: Quantifying the Soundscapes of the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve
Start date: Spring 2022
Project Lead: Dr. Darren Proppe
Number of positions: 1-3 (paid or 2hr course credit)

This research is based on prior documentation of the impacts of human-produced (or anthropogenic) noise on native animal populations and on the methods that can be most effectively used to measure those impacts. We are to mapping anthropogenic and native soundscapes at the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, will be modelling the impacts of abiotic environmental factors on these soundscapes, and will use geographic information systems (GIS) to assess temporal and spatial relationships between anthropogenic and the endemic native sounds of the biological community at the preserve. Students will continue maintenance of acoustic recorders in the field, analyze sound files, and develop a spatially and temporally explicit map in ArcGIS. Previous experience with GIS is preferred.

Project: Assessing changes in golden-cheeked warbler songs over time
Start date: Spring 2022
Project Lead: Dr. Darren Proppe
Number of positions: 2 (volunteer or 2hr course credit)

The Wild Basin Creative Research Center and the City of Austin Wildlands Division are working together to compare golden-cheeked warbler songs from 2008 to current songs. The project was initiated because several field biologists reported an audible difference in golden-cheeked songs in 2020. We are looking for a student volunteer to field opportunities to record the songs of golden-cheeked warblers in field at several properties in Travis County next spring and assist in the sound analysis. 

Project: The effect of temperature and vegetation on sound transmission
Start date: Spring 2022
Project Lead: Dr. Darren Proppe
Number of positions: 2 (volunteer or 2hr course credit)

This project will use a combination of field playback experiments and acoustic analysis, in combination with a high-tech thermal monitoring cable, to assess how sound transmits differently with changing temperature and vegetation. Transmitted sounds will be tones, and potentially golden-cheeked warbler songs (prior to these birds arriving on the breeding grounds). This project is designed to address how changes in our climate and vegetation will alter our soundscapes.

Project: Documenting spatial and temporal patterns of wildlife distribution across Wild Basin Preserve
Start Date: Spring 2022
Project Lead: Dr. Barbara Dugelby
Number of positions: 1 (volunteer or 2hr course credit)

This project is using motion-triggered wildlife cameras to track and analyze wildlife behavior and movement, as well as to assess the impact of human hiking intensity on wildlife use of hiking trails. In 2017, 15 cameras were installed along the boundaries of the preserve and have operating since that time. In mid-2019, 13 cameras were installed along the trails of the preserve and have operating since that time. Student research assistants help to maintain cameras, gather data, identifying wildlife species captured on images, and count human hikers captured on trail camera images. Together, these data sets will reveal important information about wildlife species composition, behavior, and movement patterns during different seasons and under different visitation levels. 

Creative Arts Internship Opportunities

Wild Basin Videography/Media Arts Intern
Project: Wild Basin in Focus: A new virtual science education program
Start Date: Spring 2022
Project Lead: Dr. Barbara Dugelby
Number of positions: 2 (paid or 2hr course credit)

Wild Basin is seeking an enthusiastic and responsible student skilled in videography and video editing to support a series of short educational videos called "Wild Basin in Focus." Duties include working on-site outside at Wild Basin and other natural sites to film short videos in the field; working remotely to edit videos in a timely manner following a written script; meeting deadlines for video production; communicating and working closely with Wild Basin staff; as well as other duties as assigned. Must be able to carry equipment and work outdoors in varying weather in rugged conditions, as well as inside in typical official conditions at Wild Basin, on campus, or at home. Adherence to COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions is expected. Completion of Healthy Hilltop daily symptom screening is required.

Skill in Adobe Premiere or similar software is preferred. Hours are flexible and estimated at 10 hours per week. Strong preference given to upper class and graduate students as well as Photography and Media Arts majors. Students from marginalized communities are encouraged to apply. Reimbursement for ride share costs to Wild Basin may be available as needed for students without a personal vehicle. This position is unpaid but is eligible for 2 hours of course credit through SCIE 1299: Wild Basin Internship (2 hours).

Apply via Handshake (Job #5413270) submit 1) resume, 2) short cover letter, and 3) at least two references to Applications without all three application components will not be considered.

Administrative Internship Opportunities

Wild Basin Outreach and Public Relations Intern

Wild Basin is seeking students with excellent communication skills to assist with outreach to the campus community and general public. Duties include organizing outreach activities, such as tabling in Ragsdale Center and Stewardship Days at Wild Basin, as well as writing blog posts and creating social media posts that appeal to students and the Austin community. Internship could also include graphic design, video, photography, writing articles, or other components depending on the student’s interests and abilities. Hours are flexible and will require some time spent at Wild Basin and some time spent on campus. Reimbursement for ride share costs may be available on an individual basis for students without personal vehicles. 10 hours per week preferred. Preference given to upper class and graduate students. Apply through Handshake or send resume and short cover letter to In your cover letter, please indicate availability during the week.

Volunteer at Wild Basin.

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Volunteers at Wild Basin

At Wild Basin, we love our volunteers! However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not recruiting new volunteers at this time.