Environmental responsibility is imperative to the health and wellbeing of our campus, our community, and our planet.

It is achieved through collaborative actions taken across multiple areas of our university, from the buildings we work, live, and study in, to academic and research opportunities, to the food in our dining halls. St. Edward’s recognizes its responsibility in educating and empowering the university community to work together for a more sustainable hilltop.

Explore and learn about sustainability both on campus and around the world.

Check out Green Tips for Toppers to get involved and make your life more eco-friendly. Read about the sustainable initiatives and events happening on campus. Learn what our faculty, staff and students are doing to improve the environment.

Here are highlights we’re particularly proud of:

A Green, Sustainable Campus

St. Edward's is committed to creating and maintaining a sustainable campus. Our green practices include eco-friendly building construction and landscaping, recycling and composting, and student involvement in organizations such as Green Ambassadors, Students for Sustainability and a student-run garden.

Princeton Review Guide to Green Colleges: 2022 Edition