The Department of Visual Studies engages students in the critical understanding and creative production of contemporary culture.

We support students in their efforts to situate themselves within a complex, interdisciplinary and technologically mediated world. Offering major and minor degrees in Animation, Art, Graphic Design, Photography and Media Arts, User Experience Design and Video Game Development, with additional minors in Art History and Visual Studies, we are dedicated to developing the creative and technical skills of students through diverse course offerings and extracurricular experiences. Example course titles include Sequential Art, Social Design, UX Methods, Kinestasis & Motion Graphics, Interactive Storytelling, Contemporary Issues in Art, Screenprinting, Sculpture: Materials, Installation & Public Art, Video and Studio & Location Projects. 

Our facilities include fine art studios for drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture, printmaking, and photography. We also have state of the art digital labs for animation, graphic design, digital photo, and video game development. The Fine Arts Gallery serves all of our students and the wider community by providing compelling exhibits and artist talks. In addition, our Graphic Design faculty maintain a Risograph Lab for printing student projects and publications.

Art for a Better World

These seven artists attended St. Edward’s across nearly 40 years. They work in different mediums, yet their art is powered by the same deeply human desires: to understand themselves and others, and to leave the world a little bit better than they found it. Read More.

Creating A Symbol of Hope

Visual Studies students collaborate on an art installation about the Holocaust at the Bob Bullock History Museum. Read More.


Within this department, you can choose to major in Animation, Art, Graphic Design, Photography and Media Arts, User Experience Design, or Video Game Development. Minor degree offerings include Animation, Art, Art History, Graphic Design, and Photography and Media Arts, User Experience Design, Video Game Development, and Visual Studies. 









Student Organizations

Command G

Command G is a graphic design group which spreads the influence of design around campus. This group hopes to further students' on-the-job skills they may not encounter in normal classroom settings and assignments. 

Chroma Art Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for St. Edward’s students to join together to explore, share, and engage in art-related activities. We want to create a strong artistic community that is open to everyone on campus.

Image-making Students Organization (ISO)

ISO aims to unite photo students, as well as those with an interest in photography and give students an opportunity for experiences outside of a classroom setting.