Gender, race, class, parenthood, culture and inequality affect lives across the globe.

With a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, you will have the opportunity to complement your major by increasing your understanding of gender issues across cultures.

You’ll take classes like Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, Community Service in Women’s and Gender Studies and Feminist Theories and Practice. Then, you’ll explore topics across disciplines such as families and intimate relationships, LGBT literature and culture, gender communication, women in the bible, the history of sexuality and more. 

Through your studies, you will learn to understand the concept of gender and its impact on people's lives. You will graduate with a multi-faceted understanding of gender issues — so you can create a more just world. 

For more information about the minor, please contact Associate Professor of Creative Writing Sasha West. The Women’s and Gender Studies minor is part of the Deapartment of Literature, Writing and Rhetoric.

Outside the Classroom

Community Service

All students in the Women’s and Gender Studies minor will complete community service in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies for course credit. For example, students may work in a local nonprofit to apply their learning to real-world problems women are facing.​

Minor Requirements

The Women's and Gender Studies Minor consists of 18 hours, including:

Required courses: 

  • WGST 1301: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (3 hours)
  • WGST 2120, 2220 and 2320: Community Service in Women's and Gender Studies (students need 3 hours total, but can take the one or two credit courses over more than one semester)
  • WGST 3330: Feminist Theories and Practice

Nine hours of elective classes in various disciplines and fields including Literature, Sociology, History, Communication, and Religious Studies. Six of these elective hours need to be upper-division courses.

To declare the minor, fill out the form called “Student Curriculum Change Request” on MyHilltop.